Digital Storytelling Workshop

Digital Storytelling WorkshopDigital Storytelling has never been more popular! High schools and colleges are now offering classes and companies are training their employees. Digital Storytelling is storytelling for the next generation. Using smartphones and inexpensive video cameras, people of all ages are creating and sharing stories that matter. Digital Stories are a blend of videos, photos, music and voiceover.

Facts Bore, Stories Sell

Storytelling has been around since the dawn of man. From the walls of caves to the walls of Facebook, only the medium has changed. People have never been hungrier for good stories. Armed with the right tools and techniques, everyone can produce Digital Stories that enlighten, entertain and promote change.

Telling Stories for Change

Students will not only learn how to produce Digital Story videos, they’ll also learn important communication skills that translate to the job market and personal relationships. Every time you use social media, send an email or speak face-to-face, you’re telling a story. Why not tell the most engaging one possible.

Images from our sold-out Digital Storytelling event for HOBY, Turkey in Ankara, Turkey.

HOBY Turkey-Digital Storytelling Workshop
Digital Storytelling-Video Editing
HOBY Turkey-Digital Storytelling Session