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Free Student Mentoring Jeff MacIntyre Career SpeakerFree Career Mentoring for Your Students!

Choosing a career is almost a job itself. Most students get overwhelmed by the process. So many choices, so little time. Help!

Jeff MacIntyre Emmy Winning New Media SpeakerHelp is here. Nothing soothes the confused student soul like mentoring. The value of sitting down with someone who’s “been there and done that” is powerful. Mentoring is transformative. I’m deeply grateful to those who gave so selflessly when I was a cocky 20 year old. If it weren’t for their generosity, my career would’ve taken a totally different arc.

Passionate about the New Media Industry, I want to help other cocky 20-somethings discover their hidden talents. There’s no greater feeling than witnessing a spark igniting in the eye of a young person. Mentoring can be a life altering experience. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Book one of my New Media Presentations by May 1, 2015 and I’ll provide five of your students with a free mini-mentoring session. That’s it. No catches, no up-sells. Here come the details:

  • Sessions will be one-on-one.
  • Sessions will run 30-40 minutes.
  • Sessions must be completed within 12 hours of the presentation. (Phone sessions can be substituted and completed within 1 month)

This is a $2500 value! Please act now. Your students will thank you!

I look forward to helping the next generation of New Media Professionals find their rewarding career. Space is limited, so contact us ASAP.

To The Future of Your Students!
Jeff MacIntyre Career Speaker New Media Loud Mouth