About Jeff MacIntyre

jeff macintyre filming china

Jeff MacIntyre Shooting on the Great Wall

Jeff MacIntyre has been in the digital trenches since dial-up. His Los Angeles video production company, Content Media Group, has been producing content for Broadcast, Documentaries and New Media since 1988.

He’s been a freelance producer/shooter/editor for ABC News for almost fifteen years. Assignments have taken him to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Central and S. America. Jeff’s earned 34 Emmy nominations and won 11 for Outstanding News Reporting and Production. Plus, he received five Edward R. Murrow Awards. One for “The Legacy of Heart Mountain”, a documentary about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. This is one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism! Click to watch Jeff’s News Demo Videos.

From London to Los Angeles, he’s been invited to lecture on all things New Media. Audiences have ranged from high school students to seasoned industry professionals. Jeff’s been a New Media Journalist/Backpack Reporter/One-Man-Band long before there was even a “New Media”.

Jeff MacIntyre Teenage Radio DJ

Jeff MacIntyre-Youngest Pro Radio DJ

His roots lie in radio. Jeff’s been cracking the mic ever since he started using Clearasil. “Live radio experience makes one a better producer/reporter. The ability to think fast on your feet and ad-lib your way out-of-trouble is invaluable both in the field and behind the mic,” Jeff believes. For over 15 years, he hosted a nationally syndicated show for Dial Global Entertainment.

He graduated top of his class at USC with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Third Person Biography Composition.