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New Media College Speaker Jeff MacIntyre

Jeff MacIntyre Emmy Award Winning Producer

What a New Media Loud Mouth!

True confession: I love change! Not quarters wedged in the futon crack “change”. Real world, kick-ya-in-the-pants change. Exciting, new possibilities. Unlimited streams of potential. Yeah, I’m sick like that. My name is Jeff MacIntyre and I’ve been a New Media Junkie long before there was even a “New Media”. 20 years of broadcast experience, 34 Emmy nominations, 11 Emmy Awards and 5 Edward R. Murrow Awards have taught me to embrace change. You either roll with it or get steamrolled by it. New Media is re-booting reality. I’m passionate about the new possibilities and love sharing my insider secrets with the next generation of New Media Mavericks.
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I get such a kick out of opening students’ eyes to the awesome career possibilities New Media has to offer. Please browse all my New Media College Talks. From Digital Storytelling to New Media Careers to New Media Journalism to good ol’ Motivational Talks, there’s something just right for your upcoming career day or skills boosting event. I can customize talks to fit your needs, too. Just ask! I’d love to work with you and your students. Thanks for stopping by.